Doubting Toward Faith - The Journey to Confident Christianit

Doubting Toward Faith

The Journey to Confident Christianity


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Let’s face it --- we all have doubts, and those doubts can lead to confusion and hopelessness. But as this eye-opening course will demonstrate, doubts can also deepen our dependencies on God, develop our empathy for others, and motivate us to find satisfying answers to life’s biggest questions.

Don’t let doubts erode your faith and lead you into unbelief. Discover today how to use your doubts to keep you headed in the right direction – toward faith.



Lesson 1: A Crisis Of Doubt


  • Read: Doubting Toward Faith - Chapter(s) 1 and 2
  • Read: High School Seniors "Graduating from God"
  • Video: A Crisis Of Doubt
  • Video: What is Doubt?
  • Video: Why Is There So Much Doubt Today?
  • Video: What Factors Are Contributing To People's Doubt?
  • Chapter Questions

Lesson 2: A Splinter In The Mind


  • Read: Doubting Toward Faith - Chapter 3 FREE PREVIEW
  • Video: A Splinter In The Mind FREE PREVIEW
  • Video: Do Atheists Doubt? FREE PREVIEW
  • Video: How Can A Christian Deal With Doubt? w/ Os Guinness FREE PREVIEW
  • Chapter Questions FREE PREVIEW
  • Recommended Resources FREE PREVIEW

Lesson 3: Jesus Can Handle Your Doubts


  • Read: Doubting Toward Faith - Chapter(s) 4 and 5
  • Video: Jesus Can Handle Your Doubts
  • Video: Can Jesus Handle My Doubts?
  • Chapter Questions
  • Recommended Resources

Lesson 4: Doubt Triggers


  • Read: Doubting Toward Faith - Chapter(s) 6 and 7
  • Video: Doubt Triggers
  • Video: Why Sin Causes Doubt
  • Video: Can Demanding Certainty Create Doubt?
  • Video: How Does God's Silence And Timing Tempt Us To Doubt?
  • Video: Can The Apparent Ridiculous Cause Doubts?
  • Video: Can Injustices Cause Doubt?
  • Video: What Is The Root Of Doubt?
  • Video: Sahirah Interview
  • Chapter Questions

Lesson 5: Facets of Doubt


  • Read: Doubting Toward Faith - Chapter 8
  • Video: Facets of Doubt
  • Video: Is Doubt Spiritual Warfare?
  • Video(s): What Are The Four Facets Of Doubt?
  • Video: Ellen Interview
  • Chapter Questions

Lesson 6: Navigating Doubt


  • Read: Doubting Toward Faith - Chapter(s) 9 and 10
  • Video: Navigating Doubt
  • Video: Dealing with Doubts? with Mike Licona
  • Video: What Is Faith?
  • Video: Did People Doubt In The Bible?
  • Chapter Questions

Lesson 7: Toward Faith


  • Video: Toward Faith
  • Video: A Tale of Two Doubters
  • Video: Bobby & Britt Interview
  • Recommended Resources

About Your Instructor

Bobby  Conway

Bobby Conway



Bobby Conway grew up in California. As a young athlete and quintessential Californian the furthest thing from his mind during his youth years was God. A baseball teammate invited him to church to hear Greg Laurie and after several visits to hear this evangelist and many questions later, Bobby was ready to give his life to Jesus Christ. This marked a moment of colossal change in Bobby's story. Bobby gave up the baggage from his past, let go of his vices and fully surrendered to live his life for Jesus Christ. 

Dr. Bobby Conway is the founder of the YouTube sensation The One Minute Apologist—a video ministry that provides credible answers to curious questions. He’s also the founding lead pastor of Life Fellowship Church near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dr. Conway earned his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Doctorate of Ministry in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He’s also a PhD candidate in moral philosophy at the prestigious University of Birmingham in England. He’s authored both Hell, Rob Bell and What Happens When People Die and The Fifth Gospel.

Dr. Conway and his wife, Heather, speak nationally for Family Life’s Weekend to Remember marriage conferences, and together they have two children: Haley and Dawson.

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